Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Word Count Wednesday

What am I working on?
I am in the midst of working on a story for my little brother. It's probably going to be a picture book, with pictures drawn by a good friend of mine. I'm really excited for him to see it! It isn't something I plan on sharing with anyone else so that relieves some of the pressure when writing it.

Word Count: 237 (for the children's book) & 1,200 for another project I'm working on

How do I feel about the process?
I feel like I'm getting lost in my writing, I'm still struggling to figure out who I am as a writer. This is definitely affecting my ability to write, I find myself questioning every line I type. On a positive note, the stories I'm writing right now are going surprisingly well. I've been able to write something everyday despite my lack of time.

What am I reading?
Five chapters from my geography book (surprisingly interesting).

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