Thursday, January 26, 2017

Word-Count Wednesdays!

Word Count goal: 1500

What am I working on?
I've been working on a short story for a while but I keep editing so who knows when it'll be done, hopefully soon!

How do I feel about this process?
Anxious? I'm ready to write but my brain's like "nope not today". So until my brain decides to cooperate I got nothing.

What am I reading now?
I'm rereading The Kite Runner by Khaled Hoosseini. I absolutely love this book!!

The Wonder Years

This experiment has taken me a while to complete, but I finally did it! It was just one of those things where I would write a word or two and then my mind would go blank. After stepping away from it for a little bit I have managed to come up with something somewhat decent (at least for me). Please feel free to leave any comments or critiques! Thank You!!!

The Wonder Years
With your great big eyes you gaze
at this world of blood and ice
no dream too big, no sky too high
only your ever-growing mind
Your days are long, no need to hide
from those leather faces that terrorize
Oh they gave you hope
 Then robbed your home
of memories you never feared
but now you look back at the wonder years
wishing they were here
With an open mind you glorify
the sacred ones who only lie
they fill your head with butterflies
and forget to tell you they'll always fly away
they're not here to stay
but in time you'll learn to cry
your face, oh no it won't stay dry
and your fears aren't gone
they'll make you strong
Oh they gave you hope
 Then robbed your home
of memories you never feared
but now you look back at the wonder years
wishing they were here
Yes they told you you were perfect
that you shouldn't even change a thing
but this world is unforgiving
how cold can it really be
the days are short but the hours are long
the rest of the world, they stopped singing along
they don't have the fight to be where you belong
so stop the routine, and be who you were taught to be
turn those lies into reality.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Who am I??

Hello everyone! My name is Alondra!  I've written and rewritten this more times than I can count so here it goes...
Well first of all I am extremely excited to be a part of this creative writing class! Writing is such a powerful an influential way of expressing oneself. The one  thing I love the most about writing is that you can escape into a different world, you can forget about the world for a few hours and become a part of a different universe. A story can have the power to change the world, hopefully in a positive way. So one of my goals is to influence/change the world, you know nothing too big or anything! Another goal of mine is to be able to write a script or story for film. Film and writing can both have similar effects, they both allow the viewer or reader to escape into an alternate world or situation. The main difference is that writing allows the reader to visualize the story for themselves, whereas in a movie the story is told in a specific point of view.
This was just a very tiny piece of my brain in expressed in word form. I'll do my best to keep  up with this blog, I've never done anything like this so it will be a challenge, but I'll try! I hope you're not half asleep by now, if you are it's okay, it won't hurt my feelings (well maybe just a little, but I'll get over it)!
p.s, please ignore the overuse of exclamation marks!! (I can't help it!!!)